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Whether you're just checking things out or you're seeking a place to grow in God's grace, we're glad you're here.

Our Community:

We are progressive and traditional, young and aging, families and singles, play filled grownups and children, natives and transplants, all are beloved at Whaley UMC.

We come together to celebrate God's love in community and then go live love out in the community and world.

Our Worship:

We gather for worship together every Sunday at 10:30AM in the sanctuary, online via Facebook live, or on your radio at 94.7FM in the church parking lot. Our music incorporates both traditional hymns and occasionally contemporary songs, We strive to be intergenerational in all we do, so children are always invited to worship with their families. We believe that words and images in worship matter, and they should welcome all without pain or barrier. We seek to imitate Christ's language of peace and equality and therefore speak of inclusion, deliverance, and justice for all people.



"To make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."



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