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Christian Thinkers

Christian Thinkers, a class consisting of 30 to 90 year olds, conduct surprisingly personal reflective meditations on the ever present changes in our society and its laws and the effects of theology, spirituality, and devotion to wrestle daily with the mysteries that envelop all our lives and struggles. Ours is an open-minded look at tradition and societal changes. 



Parlor Group

This group meets guess the Parlor.  This comfy setting is a great place for relaxed bible studies, usually initiated through a video series and continued with class discussion.



Pairs & Spares

A non-traditional approach to living the Christian Faith.
This class meets in the church conference room and discusses a wide variety of topics.




Based on John 15:15, our discipleship class studies the Bible to learn what
it says about God, about us and about our relationship with God. We also
study the works of John Wesley to gain better understanding from a Methodist
perspective on what it means to be the Church. We invite you to join us if
you would like to learn more about this Jesus that calls you His friend. 



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